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How secure is your security system?


This is the first of a series of posts on how to make your C-Cure (or other) system less susceptible to being compromised. Here are a few things you might want to think/worry about:


1. Who/how many people have access to the data stored in the system? Hint - it's not just your system operators.

2. Can a backup of your system be restored offsite and accessed?

3. If anyone edits data in the system, it will be logged and reviewed in audit reports?

4. Entries logged in the historical journal is permanent and can never be changed or removed.

5. The system forces all passwords to be changed periodically.

6. Communication to all access control panels and readers is protected with strong encryption.

7. By placing your system on a private network, or limiting access by using a firewall which locks it down, the system is protected from malware.

8. All systems and software are up to date with security patches (including your database server).

9. Mirroring a disk drive means that even if a drive goes bad that its mirror will have good data on it.

10. Because your company has strong network and information, your risk of being compromised are largely eliminated.

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